Religious Education

Religious Education

We have been delayed with Religious Education due to the ever-changing landscape with Covid-19.  Kenlin Botello has resigned from her position as the Director of Religious Education due to personal reasons.  I would like to thank her for her work here as Director of Religious Education and her work with the RCIA.

Pat Tripp will be staying on as the Religious Education Secretary.  We will begin to open up registrations via email to Mrs. Tripp or myself.  Please email her at [email protected] (the school changed over their email addresses, so we may need to update RE’s emails) and carbon copy me at [email protected].  The only cost will be the books. I will need a count before I can order them in bulk.

It appears that we will begin with a home study using the Baltimore Catechism.  I am hoping that when there are less restrictions, we will have in class instruction.  Please see me if you would like to be a catechist if and when we go in class instruction.

Home Schoolers

I would like to meet with those that Home School their children after the noon Mass on October 25th to make sure that we have the latest contact information, age/grade of the children (especially those in Sacramental years), and the curriculum that you are using.  We will host this in the parish church.  If you are not able to make that meeting, please contact me at the office by email.


Welcome! I am glad you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith.

RCIA and class information will be here... come back soon! In the meantime, if you need any information now or questions answered... 

Please contact Father Brian Hurley

(810) 664-8594