Fr. Hurley's Herald


October 26, 2018

Being Home

Well, I was officially broken in on Thursday when I had to have a molar extracted.  I thought I had cracked it while on vacation but hoped that I was wrong.  I got through the Masses last weekend with some discomfort, but I knew it was going to be a problem when I bit into a piece of buttered toast after Mass on Monday or Tuesday and it nearly sent me to the moon.  I have a high threshold of pain (redheads supposedly have higher a higher tolerance for pain, which my ADD. doctor confirmed), but it progressed to the point that I had to take pain medication.  Since I do not like to take pain medication, it was a good sign that it is time to call a professional.

 With my schedule and my dentist’s schedule (he was in a conference on Thursday, off on Friday, and I had a funeral on Saturday), I couldn’t get in until Monday.  They called in a prescription for antibiotics and prescription strength ibuprofen, but it wasn’t ready until Thursday morning. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep Wednesday night.  The pain medication had worn off after an hour. The prescription level wasn’t effective as well, so I had to change plans if I was going to get through the weekend.

 Mrs. Mihm heard about my toothache from someone at the Mass with School Children on Wednesday morning.  She had to have her appendix removed Tuesday (emergency surgery), so I had everyone pray for her.  She texted me asking how I was doing.  Thankfully, she asked again Thursday, so she referred her dentist to me.

 Dr. Michael Murphy was able to take emergency patients.  I bumped into a parishioner there when I walked in, which confirmed Mrs. Mihm’s recommendation.  It turns out that Fr. Terrien offered the Funeral Masses for Dr. Murphy’s parents, which was another connection to the parish.  He also grew up in Clawson, which was down the street from my alma mater, Bishop Foley High School, so we reminisced about the old neighborhoods while he was numbing me up for the extraction.

Thanks to all your prayers, the molar came out easier than expected and intact.  It wasn’t cracked, but an abscess had formed probably from the root canal not taking from a few years ago. (My college classmate had pointed this out last Friday morning when I woke up with some pain.  He was told that there is a small percentage of root canals that do not take and can become infected again.  Unfortunately, he had firsthand knowledge, so he told me about his experience).

 This experience reminded me that I need to take the time to find doctors locally, since I have not moved mine up from Bedford, MI and Toledo, OH.  I have been going to the same dentist office for over 40 years, but glad I found someone locally. I took me three months to finally get to the Secretary of State to get my address changed, so I need to work on my doctors now. 

The main level of the rectory has been transformed beautifully, but I still need to straighten up my office.  I have pictures to hang, bookshelves to organize, and papers to file in filing cabinets that have to be organized.  The old associate’s apartment (now the pastor’s palace as I call it) has been painted, so I can start hanging pictures.  I need to move out some furniture and move some in from the garage.  My friend Deacon Trevor Fernandes came up before I went on vacation, so he helped me move over my stereo system.  I am trying to get my dad’s old Dual Turntable to work to play some jazz records up there.

 It is starting to feel like home.  Sometimes it takes the hard way, like a molar extraction, to make that happen.  It is getting there.  It has been slow, but on going.

 Music Director

Daniel Susan will no longer be with us as Music Director.  He submitted a farewell letter that will be published on page two of the All Saints’ Day flyer.  I have hired Hilary Thomson and Felicity Long, who are the daughters of Ray Long.  Ray Long has been playing the music at Mass voluntarily on Monday and Tuesday.  He has fond memories of growing up here, because his parents or grandparents were parishioners here at Immaculate Conception. 

 Hilary Thompson was the organist at the parish in Lakeport, MI.  She played a wedding and funeral here a month or so ago.  I received positive feedback from Fr. Tuskiewicz and several parishioners. Felicity Long was the organist at Sacred Heart in Imlay City. She was recommended by her sister, Hilary. 

Felicity Long will play at Saturday Masses.  Hilary Long will play at the last three Sunday Masses (Mr. Dobos will be at the 8 am Mass). They will tag team for Holy Days and the like.  We will be sorting that out as we go.

 We thank Mr. Daniel Susan for his years here at Immaculate Conception.


August 12, 2018

Principal and Teaching Staff

We have completed the hiring process for Bishop Kelley School.  As you saw last week, Gar Willoughby was hired to be the principal.  He has completed the hiring process with the help of the teaching staff that Mrs. Clemens helped begin before she completed her assignment here.

 Their bio’s have been sent to the parents.  I will have them included in upcoming articles.


It turns out that there are a few sacristans, but all of the Masses are not covered.  This has led to multiple different ways for the Mass to be set up.  In talking with Worship Commission, we are considering making this one of the ministries of the parish, so that there will be one sacristan to set up before each Mass and assist the priests after each Mass.

 We will be looking for volunteers in the future.  If you are interested, please contact me or the Kosal’s.

 I have asked Donna Sierakowski to be the sacristan for the St. Louise Chapel, so that there will be a point person there.  She had been filling in for Shirley Tode, who had been doing this for years.  We are grateful for Shirley’s service over the years.

 Sacramental Policies

We have had to set in place new policies for the Sacraments.  These will be published below.  We will include the processes in upcoming articles.

 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church


Sacramental Schedules and Procedures

Sacrament of Reconciliation & Penance: Saturday, 3:00-4:00pm
Friday: After 8:45am Mass
Or by appointment; Please call the Parish Office 

Baptism: At least one parent must be a registered parishioner, active and practicing with the hope that the parent(s) will bring the child up in the Catholic Religion (Canon 868.1.2).  If not, the parent(s) must have some family connection or history with the parish.  If this is the case, the parents must have a letter sent from their proper pastor verifying their registration and granting permission for the baptism to take place at Immaculate Conception.

Baptisms take place on the second Sunday at the St. Louise Chapel at 10am in the Ordinary Form or on a Saturday after morning Mass at the main campus of Immaculate Conception in the Extraordinary Form.  There is a preparatory class for the parents on the Wednesday before the baptism. 

The child’s name is not to be foreign to Christian sentiment (Canon 855).  This means that the child’s first or middle name should be a Christian name (saints name preferably) and not one that contradicts the Faith.

There must be at least one godparent (sponsor); however, there may be two.  They must be active; practicing Catholics registered at a parish (a letter from their pastor is required for verification).  The sponsor(s) must be fully initiated (made their First Holy Communion and was Confirmed) and not less than 16 years of age – unless there is a just reason for the age. If there is only one godparent, this may be male or female.  If two, then they must be male and female. In the case of only one godparent (sponsor), a baptized person who belongs to a non-Catholic ecclesial community may be admitted… simply as a witness to the baptism (Canon 874).

Holy Communion: The child’s parents must be registered parishioners.  They must attend the School, Religious Education Classes, or an approved Home School curriculum in order that he or she has “sufficient knowledge and be accurately prepared.  The reason for this is that they understand (according to their capacity) what the mystery of Christ means, and are able to receive the Body of the Lord with faith and devotion (Canon 913-914).  The child must make his or her First Reconciliation before being admitted to Holy Communion (Canon 914).

Confirmation: The child’s parents must be registered parishioners. They must attend the School, Religious Education Classes, or an approved Home School curriculum in order that he or she is “suitably instructed, and properly disposed and able to renew the baptismal promises” (Canon 889.2-890).  There is only one sponsor.  The sponsor must be active; practicing Catholic registered at a parish (a letter from their pastor is required for verification).  The sponsor must also be fully initiated (made their First Holy Communion and was Confirmed) and not less than 16 years of age (Canon 874).

Holy Matrimony: The couple should be active, practicing and registered members of the parish. If not, the bride or groom must have some family connection or history with the parish.  A letter from their proper pastor (the priest in which the Catholic party lives in) will be required for permission to be married at Immaculate Conception, as well as, verification of membership (Canon 1108-1115).

The couple should contact the pastor at least nine (9) months in advance, because the Archdiocese requires that the process begin no later than six (6) month in advance of the wedding date.  Please contact the pastor or associate pastor before arrangements are made with the hall, etc. The ceremony must be performed by one of the priests or the deacon at Immaculate Conception or a family member who is a priest or deacon.

If two Catholics are getting Married, the Rite of Matrimony within Mass is followed. If it is a mixed marriage (Catholic and non-Catholic), the Rite of Matrimony without Mass is followed.  If a Catholic is marrying someone that is not baptized, the Rite of Matrimony for marriage with a Catechumen or non-Baptized is followed. If a Catholic party desires to marry a non-Catholic party at the non-Catholic church, the couple must still meet with the pastor, fill out the paper work, observe the required preparation, and receive permission (dispensation) from the bishop in order to marry outside of the Church (Canon 1116-1119). 

The couple is to attend a marriage preparation class, a Natural Family Planning (NFP) class, and take the Pre-Marriage Inventory in order to be suitably prepared (Canon 1066-1072).

Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick:   Please call the rectory to schedule to receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the sick, especially prior to surgery or when first entering hospice.  Please note that this Sacrament is not just to be administered prior to death (Last Rites), but can be administered to those who are seriously sick, the elderly, and even before surgery. 

Please note, if one’s condition has not worsened, the Sacrament is not to be immediately repeated.  For example, an elderly person may receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick once a year.