Bishop Kelley Catholic School





Are your returnable's stacking up?  Donate them to Bishop Kelley!


Where:  Immaculate Conception Parking Lot

When:  Saturday, June 6th, 9am-1pm


Please support Bishop Kelley Catholic School by pulling into

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church parking lot and dropping off your returns.

Our dedicated volunteers will accept them while maintaining safe social distancing. 

To volunteer to help, please sign up at



All proceeds go to Bishop Kelley Catholic School.  Thank you!!



Bishop Kelley Catholic School educates boys and girls from preschool age to grade eight.  The parochial school offers enrichment in art, music, physical education, Spanish, and technology.  It has a family-type atmosphere while maintaining academic excellence.  More information can be found at the Bishop Kelley Catholic School website (click here).